Our Projects

Free Vision tests, Free eyeglasses, Free Food, and help with Schools.

Shown on the left, our inventory of Recycled eyeglasses at a typical Eyeglass clinic, held in a sschool building in a remote village.

Primary mission worker Karen Conquergood delivers a package of  Free food and medications in Ascension Village.

Karen delivers bulk food (flour, rice, sugar, and beans) to a teacher at the nuestra pequeña escuelita
(Our little school).

Our little school was recently severely damaged by vandals, and now is operating outside as shown in the picture below.

Pictured above are free food items for one family per week. Karen delivers food to 50 families on Tuesdays, and 51 different families on Fridays.

Our Little School operating outside.

Clients lined up to get free food.

A typical village

Lamps for home and school

Shown below are two pictures of a LUCY LAMP,  the solar powered LED lamps we hope to puchase.  It is difficult to learn if you cannot see at school or home.

These lamps are shown both unlit on the left and lit on the right.

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